Business sectors

Our flexible and easy-to-integrate platform enables you to differentiate through innovation, regardless of the role payment services plays in your business.

  • Board new customers quickly and painlessly

  • Automate risk monitoring and dispute processing

  • Streamline billing, settlement, and interchange cost analysis

  • Enable rapid and versatile technical integration

  • Administer transaction routing and approval rules

  • Rely on high performance, scalability, and availability

  • Offer intuitive account administration portal

  • Customize design and functionality of user experience

  • Implement omni-channel payment acceptance approach

  • Configure hierarchical account structures and user access rights

  • Deploy and configure new payment providers with minimum effor

  • Exploit advanced data analytics featuring graphical presentation

Advanced features

All features of our comprehensive platform are addressable via a unified and modern API, ensuring it can easily and progressively mesh with your existing technology investment.

Frictionless customer boarding

Real-time payment processsing

Advanced data analytics

Clear benefits

Our transaction-centric philosophy enables configurable real-time decision-making, helping you manage legal, regulatory, fraud, and credit risks. It also automatically optimizes your transaction approval rates and cost routing, globally.

Reduce cost of development and operations by up to


Increase conversion of customers and transaction by up to


Increase revenue and profit by up to


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